With restrictions, quarentines and covid happening, its a crazy time for travel right now. I started putting this small guide together after thinking of places to go to avoid any fuss travelling abroad.  These cities are my personal favourite in the U.K, and probably the only cities I know well enough to write a quick guide about. With regards to any of my specific recomendation's and the current situation, things may of changed (such as opening times and business hours etc). 


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I love this city. It's the 'anything goes' energy, the music scene, and the bohemian fashion that makes it my favourite U.K seaside destination. Everything is easy-breezy here. You feel miles away from the city, even though you are technically in one and only an hours train journey from London. 


Head to the sea front and the iconic Brighton Pier. Chill on the rocky beach (weather permitting of course). 

If in full tourist mode the Royal Pavilion is a must. Built as a seaside pleasure palace for King George IV, this historic house mixes Regency grandeur with the visual style of India and China.



Picturesque city, so much history, and a  great scene for creatives. 

Being in a city surrounded by hills adds a certain charm and it's no wonder that with Edinburgh's rich history, it's the second most visited city in the U.K.


It's the perfect city to walk and get lost in because there's always something pretty around every corner.


The tourist hotspots; Edinburgh castle, is a must.


I personally love a walk down the royal mile and the princes street gardens, just remember to take your rain coat.  If you're a theatre fan The Fringe Festival is the one.



For the hustle & bustle, for the fashion inspiration, for the many different scenes. It's my second home.

When I say 'many different scenes', what I mean is, whatever you're into, you will find in London. More than any other city I've been to in the world, there is nowhere with variation on people, fashion, and interests than in the many different areas of London. 

Cool hippy? Head to Camden. Out and proud and want to be loud? Go to soho. The list goes on. 

For any tourists visiting London, I've heard the London Dungeons are one of the best attractions.

Image by Eva Dang



Because it's Manchestaaaaaa'. It's home. 

I love Manchester for the people and their authenticity. To me its London but on a much smaller scale. It has many different areas with many different scenes and I tend to happily flirt between them all. 

Classy cocktails? Head to Spinningfields. Hipster hangouts head to the Northern Quarter. Out, proud and feeling loud, head to The Gay Village. 

On a rare hot day, Castlefield is the one.  

Top tourist attractions: Check out the Live Crystal Maze Experience for an adventure you won't forget. For something more chilled there's plenty of world class museums. One of my favourite touristy places is John Rylands Libary - its beautiful. Also, take a visit to Aflecks Palace. 

Image by Fraser Cottrell
Image by Fraser Cottrell

Image by Lewis Roberts
Image by Lewis Roberts

Image by Lewis Roberts
Image by Lewis Roberts

Image by Fraser Cottrell
Image by Fraser Cottrell