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There are so many mobile apps available now for editing pictures and videos. It's becoming a mine-field. It's no wonder I'm so often asked which apps I use, so here's a little rundown of my favourites for the gram...   

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With so many great effect's and filters, for both video and pictures, its easy to feel a bit overwhelmed with this app, however once you get used to it and workout what you like etc, it's grand. 

I use it everyday. My go-to effect is "Stories" - Love the vintage colours & grain.

As with most of these apps, to get the best use out of them you are best upgrading to a paid subscription, however there is a good amount available on the free version.

Get it on iOS & Android.


Whether you are familiar with the desktop app or not, Lightroom for mobile is easy to use and a great tool for perfecting colours. 

I love this app, especially because it doesn't reduce the quality of your image, unlike others on the app store.

Available on iOS & Android.

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This app is the one for creating visually impressive templates for instagram stories. 

There's so many templates to play with, I use it mostly for montages.

Works great with images and video. Again, worth purchasing the premium version to get all the options. 

Available on iOS & Android.


This app is always high up on my screen time. It's so simple, yet so needed. 

It's a template of an instagram feed grid, and it allows you to swap and change images as you please in order to work out what will look best on your feed before you upload to the gram.

I use it to make sure the colours go and the images work well together.

Available on iOS & Android.

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The best app to create and edit videos on a phone. It's super easy to use and has some great transition effects. 

Also great for creating GIF style videos from pictures. 

Available on iOS & Android.