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Photowall Project

I’ve been looking to revitalize my bedroom for a while now, so when PHOTOWALL got in touch with the opportunity to partnership, I jumped at the chance. Photowall offers premium wallpapers & prints custom made for your wall. They have a stunning selection of wallpaper murals, which I thought would be the perfect option to add some life in my plain white room.  I opted for more of an abstract print. One of my favourite colour combinations is blue and white, so I went with the ‘Summer House Watercolour Colour Blue‘ print (Item number: e30127 ). I wanted to keep the room bright, but create more of a relaxing space.


As someone who has never put wallpaper up before, I was apprehensive when it came to the application, however Photowall offers you everything you need complete a redesign project, and it was a lot simpler than I anticipated. For me, the most complicated part of putting the wallpaper up, was getting the old wallpaper down. It seemed the previous owners/tenants of the house decided to add layer upon layer of wallpaper, so removing it was a challenge. After we finally did manage to wade through the many layers and we got to the bare bones of the wall, we realised it would need re-plastering.

Eventually after a small delay getting the wall replastered, we eventually began putting up the wallpaper. Using the tools provided by photowall, I was able to hang the wallpaper with no problems at all. It was a straightforward process and because the wallpaper is custom designed for the wall it was stress-free to align.  


I’m so pleased with the mural. The colours are exquisitely vivid, and the overall quality of the wallpaper is perfect. The bedroom itself is still a work in progress, and I’ve popped some mood board images below aswell, in order to show you what I hope to achieve.

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Mood Board copy.jpg
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