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Skincare Routine // Out With The Old & Trying Something New

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

I have done numerous instargam posts, and some YouTube videos on this subject but a few things have changed since then. I think its important to try new products, and keep your skincare routine updated and evolving. Especially has we grow older, our skin is constantly changing and new areas we need to focus on arise. With this in mind I've recently swapped a few of my old go-to products around. I'm not saying I will never return to the old, but right now I am super happy with the new. You can find my new routine products below, which fall into the categories of Moisturising Cleansing and Shaving. MOISTURISING.

Daily Moisturiser - Kiehl's Facial Fuel SWAPPED for BAD NORWEIGAN. I love Kiehl's Facial Fuel, and its hard to think of anything negative to say about it. My favourite thing about this cream was the minty tingle you get after the application, lets face it we all deserve a minty tingle in the morning. I was using this cream constantly for over five years, during which time I did try ventures with new products, but nothing could match. The opportunity then came along to try BAD NORWEGIAN's new grooming range and what a great surprise. I found myself using the moisturiser daily. I love that the cream isn't too thick, doesn't have an overpowering scent and is packed with natural ingredients. Also, I found that it lasts literally all day. I use a night-time moisturiser aswel but with this I feel like I could skip that if I really wanted to.

You Can Find the Bad Norwegian Revitalise Face HERE - Use Code: BILLY20 for 20% OFF!! Night Time Moisturiser - Midnight Recovery Serum SWAPPED for Retinol Cream. If you have ever read the reviews for Estee Lauders Midnight Recovery Serum, you will know how much people love this night-time silky liquid. I defiantly loved it for a few years and used it every night without fail. The reason I recently switched though, is because I wasn't convinced of the long term effects. Yes, it makes your skin feel / look great the morning after but does it actually combat ageing or help the cause of blemishes etc?

Before trying a Retinol based Cream, I tried a retinol serum, thinking it would be an easy swap for the Midnight Recovery. I found with the retinol serum it made my skin much more sensitive the next day. Retinol thins the skin in high dosages, so you have to becareful, especially in sunlight - but so far it’s the only ingredient that's scientifically proven to combat long term ageing and I've found it also helps with blemishes and toning. In the end, I opted for a Retinol based moisturizer. The one I use was on a crazy sale on Amazon for 99p !! BARGAIN! It’s usually £15.99.

Find It Here.


Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser COMBINED with Glycolic Acid Cleanser.

In this case, I haven’t swapped out my everyday use of Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser, it is simply the best cleanser for everyday use. I have however combined its use with a Glycolic Acid Cleanser I use from Flint+Flint. Cetaphil in the morning, Glycolic at night. If you are prone to spots and breakouts, I cannot recommend a glycolic cleanser enough, it penetrates the pores deeper than other cleansers, and works to exfoliate and renew skin. I love it.



I was so happy to be given the opportunity to try the Philips One Blade. After hearing so much about it I was certainly curious. Personally, I have always used a razor and wet shaved all of my life. There have been numerous times where I have tried different electric shavers, some good but never as clean a finish as a wet shave. The Philips One Blade has really taken me by surprise. I love the design, I love that it comes with different attachments for the full body, and I love the finish of the shave itself. Don’t get me wrong, if there was a photoshoot I was attending and it has a ‘clean shaven policy’, I would still use a wet shave, because of the strict guidelines. However, for day to day use the One Blade, is as smooth as can be, and my skin feels all the better for it.

So there we have my products of the moment. I will keep trying new things and keep you updated, if you have any questions or need any advice – feel free to slide into my DM’s.

Billy B.


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