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The Daily Geek - My Top Five Daily Gadgets

Am I android or IOS? How do I take those ceiling pictures? What do I use to edit? It’s time to unleash the geek. For a while now I have been wanting to put together a more technology based article, and after so many DM’s about what camera I use, questions about my phone, and what I use to edit videos – I’m making good on my promise to put together a handy guide of all my daily gadgets.

Like fashion, I am super into my technology. I believe tech is another way in which we can express ourselves, what we wear - just like what we choose to use, is another expression of our personalities and as a model / blogger, if you don’t want to get left behind, you have no choice other than to get on board with the tech vibes.

I’ve put together a small list below of the gadgets I use everyday and couldn't live without. From my phone, to my camera and a few more in between, here is a list of my top five tech picks I use on the daily: 1. My Camera

Sony A5000

After getting more serious about blogging, it was becoming much more apparent that I needed a decent camera. I bought the Sony A5000 at the beginning of this year (2018), before this I was just getting by using my phone camera. I cannot tell you how much of a difference the A5000 has made to the quality in content I take, and how much easier it has become to capture that content. Before committing to the purchase I had a checklist: Must have Wi-Fi (to send over the snaps instantly), must be able to remote control with your phone (means I can work lots independently) and must have good ‘auto’ modes (I didn’t want to spend hours making sure the settings were perfect). I managed to find all these things and more in this camera. Lightweight, portable, and not crazily expensive, now I couldn’t live without it.

2. My Phone

Samsung S8

Things are about to get all kinds of conflicting...Right now I’m using a Samsung S8 phone. I do love this phone, and I am fairly happy with the Android OS, however I feel like I have been fighting the urge to head over to iPhone for a short while now and I think with the next release I am jumping ship from Samsung/ Android and moving to Apple/IOS.

I have always been a keen android supporter and would always go for the Samsung Galaxy brand of phones, however since all the blogging and instagramming has become a much larger part of my life, the more I’ve realised it makes professional sense to switch. In the last year or so, I’ve struggled with not being able to get hold of certain apps, or pictures not having the same quality once uploaded, or not getting the latest Instagram updates as quickly etc etc. Even now, I know it’s only a little thing, but there are features on Instagram that I don’t have, that my friend who is on iphone does. There have been occasions when I’ve been approached to try out a new app, or advertise an app to my followers, but can’t get it due to it being released to IOS first.

As I’ve mentioned I do love my Samsung, and it’s served me well, but I think I’m now ready to try out the next iPhone. What do you think? Throw me some advice peeps!

P.s one of my favourite features on the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the voice activated camera (which is how I take all those ceiling pictures - stick my phone to the ceiling and say "smile" haha).

3. My Charger

Neo Wireless Charging Station

I never knew how much of an effect this charging pad would have on my day to day. I am one of those people who can’t stand wires, clutter and mess. I like things neat and tidy. Okay, if you have seen my instagram stories, maybe I am a bit more lenient when it comes to a messy bedroom, but show me a messy work desk and I can’t cope. My house is

a mixture of lots of different devices, speakers, iPads, phones, all of which need charging, which not only takes up lots of plugs but also creates a jungle of wires and clutter. The Neo Charging Station really has made it so much easier to charge all my devices in one nice and neat space and even supports wireless charging.

4. My Laptop


My ASUS laptop is coming up to its ten year old Birthday soon, and I still couldn't live without it. Yes, I will defiantly be on the hunt for an upgrade in the next year or so, but I have been so grateful to this little machine for so long.

I can remember when I first bought my Asus and it literally took me months to go through laptop reviews and figure out what it was that I wanted. At the time I was travelling a lot so something that was lightweight and also had good battery life (this laptop used to last at least eight hours on charge). I also wanted something that could handle video editing, I use Sony Vegas to edit, which is quite a hefty application on the RAM. This machine certainly did all this and still does handle everything really well. The only thing I really struggle with now is lack of memory and screen resolution. When I’ve been using photoshop, before I finish the final edit I now have to send the picture to my phone, because you can see more detail on my phones screen! So yes – an upgrade is due, but touchwood it’s still getting me by just fine.

5 My Speaker

Ultimate Ears - Wonder Boom

You actually have to hear this speaker in order to believe it. I was overwhelmed with the quality and volume for its size. It’s such a handy little device and whether I have been chilling out in the bedroom or having outside adventures - it fits any environment perfectly. Waterproof and well made enough to withstand my often clumsy habits, it’s the newest device in my life that I’ve found I am using daily.

So there you have it my top five daily devices. I hope you have enjoyed the geek in me. In the next few weeks, I will also be putting together a list of apps I use for editing and how I use them, so do keep an eye out for that one!

Thanks for reading, and as always please do get in touch with any comments or questions!

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