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Monthly Grooming Guide: Honest Reviews

- Monthly Grooming Guide: Honest Reviews -

I like to think I have always made the effort to look after my skin. From the teenage years of spot outbreaks and pimples, to the anti-aging and hair removal era I find myself in now. I am always interested in trying new products to potentially improve my skincare regime. Below are some recent products I’ve been trying, after using them for a few weeks here is my monthly Grooming Guide and Honest Reviews:

Veet For Men (Hair Removal Cream)

After reading mixed reviews, I was a little cautious about trying this cream. Usually for body hair just a light trim will suffice, but I was curious about trying something

different – or should I say something a little more smooth. Veet for Men is a hair removal cream aimed for men’s body hair and although it doesn’t directly stipulate about using it in the more sensitive areas of the body A.K.A the bum, plenty of the reviews I’ve read said it works a treat – So why not give it a try? I thought.

I followed the instructions to the letter and applied the cream everywhere I wanted to be smooth (yes - including the bum). The first unfortunate quality I noticed was the smell. The listing page on Amazon describes the cream as having a “pleasant” fragrance, but personally I don’t know anyone who would want to smell the way this cream smells. I’m not saying it’s a disgusting smell, it’s just a bit odd. Perhaps slightly musty. Thankfully the odour is light enough that it doesn’t last, and after a rinse it completely disappears. I left the cream on no longer than the six minutes specified, and cracked on (pun intended) with removing it using the handy spatula that comes with it in the box.

I have to say I was impressed with how easy the process was and how quickly the hair was removed.

That night I was super happy with the results and very smooth. There were no signs of any bumps and lumps you can sometimes get with shaving but unfortunately, this didn’t last. It was the morning after and I had a flight to catch to Berlin. It was very noticeable on the plane journey just how uncomfortable it was to sit down and when I finally checked into the hotel and give myself a little inspection, it was not a pretty sight. Lumpy, bumpy, red and itchy is all I will say.

From razors to trimmers, and now to body cream, I think I have a good idea of what works best for me when it comes to body hair and I have decided it is a mixture of everything. I did like Veet, it’s just unfortunate that I had a little reaction to it – but to be honest, I am willing to try it again and perhaps next time not leave it on as long.

My verdict: - Try it, it removes the hair you want it to, but be careful to follow the instructions exactly, and when it comes to more sensitive areas leave the cream on for even less time.

I got mine from Amazon!

aox ferulic – advanced antioxidant by mesoestetic

I have tried a lot of serums in the past from Hydrochloric Acid to Vitamin C based liquids, some good and some not so much. I think having a serum to run alongside your moisturising routine is a huge asset when looking to increase your anti-aging defence. I am happy to say I am so pleased with Mesoestetic’s aox ferulic, I’ve been using it for around three weeks and although I can’t quite pronounce it yet, I have certainly noticed the difference to my skin. Going back to the other acid based serums I’ve used in the past, I’ve always found them to be a little too harsh for my skin type, which when using on the face you certainly want to avoid any redness or reaction. aox ferulic’s main ingredients are Ferulic Acid, Protech-cell Complex, Ascorbic acid and Pure Vitamin C. You can certainly see the amount of research that has gone into these ingredients. I used to use a Vitamin C based serum on its own and was really impressed with its skin brightening effects, but this serum along with the other ingredients gives me that and more. I usually apply 3-4 drops daily to clean, dry skin and as per the instructions massage it gently in upward strokes. After I feel it’s soaked in enough (usually a few seconds), I will then put on my moisturiser as per routine. A recent problem area for me has been duller skin around my cheeks, I think tiredness might be to blame after all the late nights I’ve been having. Using aox ferulic, I’m really noticing the benefit, it’s certainly helping to keep my skin looking fresh, bright and alot more awake.

My verdict: Go get it !

For more information visit

Power Shave – Post Shave Irritation Solution For Men

​So by the time you have reached this segment, you will know from above that my skin can be rather sensitive, especially when it comes to hair removal. No matter how many shave creams I’ve tried or how many different types of devices I use, unfortunately I often find myself left with adverse consequences, namely – redness, bumps and rashes.

Power Shave Post Shave Treatment claims to relieve the irritation and help with the after effects of shaving with a razor. More than my face, I always find my neck is the worst when it comes to red bumps and irritation, usually it gets better after 48 hours, but the cycle repeats itself every time I shave. The Power Shave formula is alcohol based and as you may expect it does give a little tingle after applying a thin layer following shaving. But the small tingle is a little price to pay. I really like this solution and I’ve found it defiantly helps calm my redness and bumps a lot more speedily. I apply a small amount to clean dry skin after shaving, and then once it’s dry pop on my go-to moisturiser (Bad Norwegians REVITALIZE FACE Cream). I repeat this after every shave and I’ve found the more the solution has become part of my routine, the more effective it becomes.

My Verdict: Defiantly worth it if you suffer from post shave irritation!


Thanks for reading all my reviews. Feel free to get in touch with any questions, or if you have any of your own tips for me!

Cheerio for now,

Billy B.

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