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My Christmas Guy Gift Guide

Christmas is back and for the first time ever, I’ve actually found it easy to buy for the guys in my family! I’m not sure if its a ‘thing’ but I’ve always found my dad and brother and all the men in my family, quite difficult to buy for. However, this year I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on some amazing products and try them first hand, which means I have tons of ideas for the perfect gifts for all the guys. I thought I would put together a handy guide of eight of my top buys. Touching on all different budgets, hopefully it will spark some ideas for you too!

1. Philips One Blade Face & Body.

Budget £40-£50

If you’ve read a few of my articles before you will know how much love I have for this product. I’ve used electric razors before costing well over £300 and they don’t compare to this little gadget. It comes in different sets, but the set I recommend is the full Face and Body costing just £50 RRP, (although you can shop around for a few deals). It works amazing for the face and its super handy to keep all that body hair nice and neat. The best device I have used for not causing irritation in those sensitive areas ;) Available online and in many high street retailers.

2. Thameen.

Budget £145-£195

A luxury fragrance and one of my favourites. The Thameen brand has a great boutique feel to it and the fact that it’s unisex is a huge plus from me. I’ve used this fragrance for a few years now, and I’ve found that you really notice its individuality on different people. For example, me, my mum and my dad have all used The Riviere scent (which is devine), and it smells different on each of us, which is something I’ve never noticed in a fragrance before. Also worth mentioning is the Body Lotion they do. I can’t tell you how many people comment when I put it on, it lasts and lasts. Available at Selfridges.

3. Le Labo

Budget £110

Another fragrance set which I want to mention is Le Labo, I think their starter pack / travel refill kit would make an amazing gift. It’s really handy to have smaller fragrances on hand, that you can carry in your pocket. These scents are also unisex and so strong that you will be surprised how long the little 10ml bottles last. Its great introduction to Le Labo, and a great way to explore different scents. Available at Selfridges and Harrods.

4. Phillips Sonicare Toothbrush

Budget £60-£200 (Depending on Model)

Okay, so if I was still a child or a teen and you bought me a toothbrush for Christmas I would be writing a letter of complaint to Santa. However, I’m no longer a teen and would be more than happy with one of these in my stocking this year. I’ve been using this for the majority of the year, having previously used an Oral B electric toothbrush. Firstly, it looks great and designed so beautifully but more importantly it gives me the best brush I’ve ever had! I won’t go too technical with this one because there is so much tech to touch on with this device, but I will say its 100% worth the money. Available online and in many high street retailers.

5. Mesoestetic Ampludes

Budget £50 - £80

If you know a guy who loves skin care, this is one of the best brands to go for. Victoria Beckham recently posted about it, and I can tell you from myself it lives up to the hype. I just love the ampludes, they really do leave the skin glowing. I’ve used these before events/parties and when I’ve seen pictures the day after I can clearly see the difference they make to my skin. This year I’m also going to get some of these for the mother! Available online.

6. Happy Socks.

Budget £8-£60

Socks and Christmas go together like Rice and Pudding....actually that’s not the best analogy, maybe like beans and toast or Strawberries and Cream? Anyway, it’s a thing...So if you are planning on getting someone socks this year, the brand to go for is Happy Socks! I wear them all the time, and they are great quality, comfy, long lasting and have so many different styles to choose from. They also come in really cute gift sets! Available online and in many high street stores, including Topman and Selfridges.

7. Fitbit.

Budget £50-£300 (Depending on model)

My brother and dad are both into their fitness and a Fitbit gift for them makes perfect sense. I didn’t know too much about these until recently. I wanted to see what the fuss about so I convinced my friend to let me borrow his, before he upgraded to the newer model. I was so impressed with the amount of valuable information these little devices give you. It really made me stop and take notice of my health and routines. Heart rate, sleep tracking and calorie burn are just some of the features, all displayed perfectly on the Fitbit app. They also have so many sleek designs to choose from. The perfect way to kick off and a fitness frenzy in January. Available online and in many high street electrical stores.

8. Wonderboom

Budget £90 RRP (but there are deals to be had).

Ultiamte Ears Wonderboom is the best Bluetooth speaker I’ve had so far! The audio quality is amazing and the volume for such a little device is insane. It’s perfect for adventurers because it’s so robust, waterproof and virtually indestructible. You really need to hear this device to believe how good it is. Available online and in many high street electrical stores, including the Apple store.

So there you have it, all my ideas so far! I may even have more that spring to mind at a later date – and of course I will update the blog and insta!

Thanks for reading, any questions feel free to get in touch and drop me a DM on insta x

Billy B!


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