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Mixing With LITTLE MIX


I was having a very standard Monday, it had been raining in Manchester for what felt like a lifetime. I remember sending voice notes to my friends saying how utterly depressed I was, generally just suffering with the Monday-Blues. It was that afternoon where my mood did a complete one-eighty because I got an invite to a LITTLE MIX event ! I’ve been a fan of theirs for a long time and couldn’t contain my excitement. Suddenly those morbid voice notes turned into a hyperventilating lottery winner.

My first time seeing little mix live was last year with my niece. I don’t consider myself an overly emotional person but my six year old niece’s reaction to seeing them perform live brought tears. I still can’t watch this video without filling up...

The event was an intimate gathering, and was held at the instagrammable phenomenon that is The Biscuiteers. We spent the morning / afternoon icing biscuits, the idea to celebrate and create some buzz for their new single BOUNCE BACK – which I obviously love.

It was super chill and the girls were absolutely lovely. My icing skills however were seriously lacking but I’m blaming the Prosecco. I must admit I was a little merry after drinking the fizz all morning...but yeah probably not enough of an excuse for my poor icing skills.

By the time we finished our biscuits, I felt I had gotten to know Little Mix even more. Not only are they hard working, super talented and release some absolute bangers, they are all genuinely nice people.

Thanks so much to SONY MUSIC & 4THFLOORCREATIVE and of course to LITTLEMIX – I had an amazing day.

The only slight downside to this story was coming home to a very jealous niece – I did bring her some biscuits back though? #baduncle

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