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Skincare Update


Last Edited 25th September 2020

Our skin is constantly changing and throughout the year new problem areas arise. It's for this reason I'm constantly adapting my skincare products / routine. For this month's routine, my main problem areas I'm tackling are slight redness, big pores, eyebags, and as always general ageing. With this in mind I've recently opted for a few new products....


Daily Moisturiser - La Roche.


Why I Use It.

It's a great all day moisturiser, which isn't harsh on the skin. It's plain and simple, and doesn't contain a crazy amount of chemicals. I've only been using it for a few weeks, and its the first time I've tried La Roche products. So far I'm impressed. My skin has been less irritated, therefore less red. I bought mine from Boots.


Every morning.

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Night Time Moisturiser - Yeouth Retinol Cream.


Why I Use it

Retinol is the the only ingredient scientifically proven to combat wrinkles, so makes the perfect anti-aging cream. I only use it at night because Retinol breaks down your skins natural sun defences. This particular cream feels smooth on the face and absorbs really nicely. I got mine from Amazon.


Every night.

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Sunscreen - Avene B Protect

Why I Use It

Wearing sunscreen everyday, with a factor of 30+ is the best anti-aging defence you can find. Even on cloudy, wintery days those UV rays will find their way in and age you all the more faster. I've learned the hard way how important it is to keep wearing that factor. I spent a lot of time abroad when I was in my early twenties, and fell out of the habit of always applying sunscreen, thinking my skin had just adapted to sun. Big mistake. I now have slight pigmentations forming under my eyes, which is caused by sun damage! I'll be posting more about his particular situation soon and hopefully find some solutions.

Avene is my go-to brand for sun protection. Feels great on the skin and its not too thick/cloggy. Avene is available at Boots.


Every Morning

Makeup - Shake Up Cosmetics


Why I Use It

Lets Face It, it's not hard to believe that with all that sun protection I'm in need of a bit of colour on my face. This BB Cream is perfect for adding a healthy glow and evening out your skin tone. Feels smooth and light on the skin, and is my miracle worker. Available online at Shake Up Cosmetics or in store at Harvey Nicks.


Every morning / whenever I want to look flawless.

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Cleansing - La Roche & Simple Facewipes.


Why I Use It


After a recent skin consultation, I was told I needed to put more focus into my cleansing routine. I always thought I did well with washing my face, but no.

Admittedly, in the mornings I was under the impression a quick rinse in the shower would be fine - which I still do now, however this time around using a La Roche cleanser. When it comes to night time cleansing I either repeat the same process, using the La Roche over the sink, or if I'm too tired I will use give my face a good going over with Simple Facewipes. Both products available at Boots.


Every morning, every night.

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Facemask - Procoal Pink Mask.


Why I Use It

At the moment I've been using this facemask, which for the first three-four weeks was excellent and you could notice a big difference. However, recently it hasn't felt as good as it once did. I've often found this with Vitamin C based products for some reason. They work great for the first few weeks and then it just becomes un-noticeable. Whether my skin just gets used to it, I'm not sure. I still recommend this facemask, but after a month of use I'm now on the hunt for another. I bought mine from Amazon.


Twice Weekly


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